Enchanted Trails RV Park, Albuquerque, NM

This RV park was recommended to me by neighbors where I live. I’ve stayed at the Casino Resort RV Park about 10 miles west three times but I knew I would want to be as close to home as possible my last day of driving. To be fair, I didn’t really get to explore all this RV park has to offer in the way of amenities or ambiance because I didn’t stay long. It looks like a nice place, clean and well managed. There are overnight pull-thru sites with large lanes for registering at the office and there are also full time sites here. Unlike most RV parks I’ve stayed at while traveling through, this one has super large sites and all the RVs are well-spaced out.

My spot was so large and the RVs on both sides of me were so far away that I wasn’t even sure where to park at first. I ended up backing up to get closer to the hook ups when I realized I was no where near being out in the road with my tow car. When I checked in, the manager also told me dogs were allowed anywhere which is a refreshing change. As I walked my little dog, I didn’t notice any areas that were not pristine and well kept. There aren’t any trash cans on the perimeter for doggie bags but there are dumpsters midway through the park and everyone seems to respect the rule to pick up after yourself or your dog.

There are full sized trees throughout but they aren’t everywhere so during the hot summer months, you might be out in the sun. There is a swimming pool and a large amenities building with meeting room, showers, laundry, office, and a store. I walked around the store later in the afternoon after getting settled and did find some Native American art objects that I might have purchased if I still had a house to display such objects. There were also post cards and Route 66 souvenirs but no RV supplies or groceries.

This RV park is just next door and within walking distance of a large Camping World store so if you are in the market for any RV supplies, you wouldn’t have far to go. They also have propane fill ups here. I was in spot #E8 and did have freeway noise during the night.

Maybe the best thing other than the huge sites was the price. They give a generous 20% discount for various memberships and their website says to ask about a discount when you make a reservation. I paid $31.98 for full hookups. This is significantly less than I’ve paid at any time this year. Of course the Albuquerque balloon festival is very popular and the web site for the RV park states that they are often full so it’s always best to call for a reservation.

Just outside the clubhouse building is a really cool display of vintage trailers and cars. I don’t think the pictures I took do the display justice and it would definitely be something to see in person if you are interested in this era. This RV park used to be a trading post along the way and they’ve retained a lot of the mid-century modern vibe. If I’m ever traveling this way again, I’m sure I’ll be staying here.

Building with meeting room, laundry, store, office
Camping World next door
Vintage trailer display

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  1. Good review. The first year we went full time, I had a small consulting job in the area and we stayed there three weeks. It’s everything you said, and yea – we were in the sun not shade and the weather got hot – so did we.


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