Lubbock KOA, Lubbock, TX

I was just traveling through and needed a convenient place with a pull-thru for the night. It appeared that I was the only over-nighter with the majority of spaces taken with long-term workers. However, it seemed clean and quiet and there weren’t any piles of stuff laying outside or a junky look at all. Most of the trailers appeared to be brand new and were set up with minimum residential looking items. There was the occasional child’s plastic toy or dog pen.

The KOA does offer a children’s playground and a leash-free dog park, as well as a well-stocked store and indoor pool and recreation building. But I couldn’t find any grass anywhere and because it was February, all the trees were bare. The grounds consisted of gravel or dirt, including the K9 Kamp. I didn’t check out the bathroom/shower building but everything seemed to be open and clean.

There was a lot of highway noise just outside the RV park, which I suppose full-timers would get used to. It didn’t keep me awake though. I was here on a very dreary cold day so I’m sure that affected my impression. However, if you are looking for a vacation spot, this wouldn’t be it. There is no atmosphere of camping, like many KOAs I’ve been to, no large trees or grassy areas. If you need a quick spot for an overnight while traveling through, this would fit the bill.

The store was large and seemed to have a variety of items and the owner/manager was personable and helpful. The store is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and I saw a sign that mentioned vending machines by the bathroom building.

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  1. Thank you for your comment. I actually had a package delivered to General Delivery in Myrtle Beach one time and the post office said it hadn’t arrived and I could see it standing on the floor behind him! Crazy.


  2. That’s a pretty accurate review., or perhaps I should say one that we agree with. There is not much else in the area though. Our only complaint was that we had a package shipped to us while there, and we were told it had not arrived . Finally I waited until a new person was in the store and showed them that it had been signed for, our box was in with other packages and clearly had my name and space marked – the first person just didn’t want to look.


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