Edgewood RV Community — Midwest City, OK

This lovely long term RV park is off the radar, which is why I didn’t know about it the first two years I summered in OKC while visiting my son. In my third year here, I decided to go outside the box with my search because I wasn’t happy with the other parks I’d found or stayed at. Instead of using RV Parky or Campendium, I just went online and did a Google search. This park (Edgewood RV Community) has everything I was looking for and far exceeded my expectations.

You can only stay here for a month at a time but the manager was willing to prorate when I thought I might have to leave halfway through my second month. It turned out I will be staying a full three months but was pleased with the flexibility on the manager’s part. When you read the online reviews, you will see the manager mentioned often and there’s a great reason for that. She is truly awesome. She is always available by phone or email (even though the office is closed during COVID) and always sounds pleasant and personable.

There are so many positives, which I’ll talk about but let me just preface with the two potential negatives, although they aren’t negatives for me personally. The biggie is Tinker Air Force Base, which is just across the road. You will get very loud jet engine noises with take offs and landings a few times a day. I grew up on Air Force bases so it doesn’t bother me in the least but if you aren’t used to it, it can be a little off-putting.

There is no dog park and it seems that a majority of the residents don’t own dogs that I’ve seen. There are a few dog walkers here and there but not many and I am always conscious of my dog going near someone’s rig. There are plenty of open green spaces just outside the park if your little one can walk that far. My guy usually goes somewhere on the communal grass by the office/swimming pool area or we walk just outside where there’s a nice sidewalk and empty green fields. We’ve been to the Midwest City dog park numerous times and it’s one of the better city parks I’ve been to.

You will see some negative comments on Google reviews due to the community not taking older RVs and people not being able to stream with the RV wifi (which you aren’t supposed to do anyway). I would ignore those reviews or you will be missing out on a great place, especially compared to your choices in this area. This is a park for people who are gone during the day and who want to come home to peace and quiet in the evening, not a resort for people on vacation. FYI, the swimming pool is being re-built this summer and is currently out of commission.

I love the fact that they are picky about who lives here because in the past, I’ve usually tried to avoid long-term parks. The most amazing thing about this park is that it is very high-end in clientele, landscaping, and security and yet they only charge $350 a month. The not very pleasant park I stayed at last summer for 2 months was $800 a month and had none of the nice features of this one.

Each site actually has its own street address and full size garbage can, with garbage pick up on Tuesday mornings. Having a street address makes it super easy for package delivery. If you sign up for an account with Oklahoma Gas and Electric ($175 deposit), then you will only pay $350 a month for your site and be billed for electric separately. If you choose not to open an account with OGE, then you will be charged $550 a month for your site.

Some of the positives are:

  • Beautiful landscaping
  • Very quiet day and night
  • Lots of full size trees
  • Exceptionally clean
  • Nice laundry room, open 24/7
  • Close to restaurants and shopping but feels like you are in the country
  • No “scary” tenants, bad pet owners, or obnoxious people
  • Large, concrete pads with plenty of parking
  • Cable TV included
Each site has enough parking for 3 or 4 vehicles

I was given my choice of sites when I pulled in on a Saturday morning. I would recommend waiting until afternoon before you decide on a permanent site. Although there are full sized trees throughout the park, some sites get full shade in the afternoon and some sites get full sunlight in the afternoon. My site gets nice shade in the morning until about 2:00 p.m., and then it’s in full sunlight until after 6:00 p.m. Still not a deal breaker for me. If you are closer to the front, you will get road noise from South 29th.

Sites along the west side are best for afternoon shade.
There are also middle circle areas throughout to choose from

If I didn’t have a permanent site waiting for me at a co-op in another state, I would consider having a larger travel trailer delivered and staying here year round. It’s only 25 minutes from my son’s house and has everything I look for in a permanent park. One other thing I noticed is that there are empty rigs here too. In fact, the two on each side of me are currently empty. I did meet the owners but then they told me they were leaving for extended trips elsewhere so I actually have no close neighbors this month. Kinda nice. I have the feeling that people leave their rigs here year round and come back at the best times of the year. If you like sightseeing, it’s also not more than ten miles from downtown OKC, with plenty to do and see, even now with the virus.

Next time you want to do some big city sightseeing or need to be in the OKC area for business, and can stay one month or longer, this is the place you should check out first, in my humble opinion and based on previous experience.

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  1. New owners. You are not allowed to walk your dog anywhere except your lot. Rates increased twice in 3 months. New owner doesn’t have a clue.


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