Stella Mare RV Resort, Galveston, TX

August is not the season to be on Galveston Island so I was able to take advantage of a 30% discount for the week that I stayed. Stella Mare is a new resort and they are very social media forward with a nice website and continuous promotions. They even noticed when I posted FB pictures and responded.

This has all the amenities you would expect from a top of the line resort but as they are new, the cable TV wasn’t working yet (I’m told mid-September). Other than that, everything was perfect. I was fortunate to have perfect weather too. If you recall, we had the super storm trifecta a year ago here with Harvey, Irma, and Marie. I suppose I was taking a chance booking in August but I was playing the odds and I won.playground and clubhouse

Some of the amenities include dog waste stations throughout the park, clubhouse, 2 laundry rooms as part of the showers/restrooms available for guests, swimming pool, splash pad, playground, street garbage pick up though out the day, all concrete pads with most being pull thru, side by side dog parks (one big; one small). They can handle the longest of rigs with toads. There’s a host who provides you with your packet of materials when you check in and escorts you in golf cart to your site.2 dog parks side by side

I think one of my favorite parts was sitting in one of the 4 swinging benches under the clubhouse where it’s nice and cool, enjoying the music and watching the birds and fish in the pond. They have a tiki bar and bbqs for guests and events too. If you have friends who want to stay but don’t have a rig, they have rental bungalows too. rental bungalow

I quickly discovered that there is a side road parallel called 7 1/2 Mile Road that goes right to one of the pocket beaches. It’s a quick 2 minute ride on my bicycle and free for bikes ($12 entrance fee for cars). We went to the beach 4 out of 7 days. There is also a German restaurant, Michael Burger, and a nightclub/bar, Woody’s, within walking distance if you don’t want to drive.

I also discovered that there is a bike trail/sidewalk all the way to the tourist sites but it’s on a road parallel to the main highway. We actually biked all the way from the resort to the Schlitterbahn Water Park without ever being in traffic (3.6 miles each way). And you should definitely visit the Sea Wall and Murdochs Gift Shop, if you can.


  • Plenty of amenities, resort in all the meanings of the word
  • Clean, large pads with meticulous landscaping
  • Discounts in the off season
  • Great place to entertain if you have a larger gathering
  • Plenty to keep the kids happy
  • Excellent staff from the initial escort to the ladies in the office who gave me $40 in quarters no question asked to the guys and gals who drive around all day picking up the trash bags


  • Although there are dog spot waste stations everywhere, my dogs were very reluctant to walk anywhere but on the concrete because of all the stickers
  • The dog parks are very narrow and not near most of the sites unless you are parked right at the front
  • No shade because all the palm trees are still little
  • Not at the beach but conveniently across the street (wouldn’t be safe for youngsters though)
  • Laundry is almost $5.00 a load so be prepared

splash pad


Red is the area we walked along the beach one day and green is how we took our bike to the Waterpark.

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