Johnson Bayou RV Park

I wanted to explore the real Louisiana but after a night in Johnson Bayou, I decided from now on, I’ll stick to the main highways and the expensive resorts.  All along Gulf Beach Highway (#82), there are rv park after rv park but they are not rv resorts.  The manager of the one I checked in to said it’s mostly construction workers who are staying long term.  And all of these rv parks look like they are in someone’s front yard.

I had asked for 2 nights over the phone but when I checked in (cash only, $30 a night), I quickly changed my mind.  There is no designation of one site to the next, it’s literally like parking in a big mud field.  There are horrible stickers everywhere and I think only the long term residents are under the big trees.  I was out in the sun.


  • Nicely mowed down everywhere so no tall weeds
  • Full hookups and laundry building
  • Friendly staff
  • Places to walk the dogs (several gravel roads throughout)


  • Impossible stickers everywhere and very hard to get out of things; the dogs had a hard time going from the MH to the road for potty walks
  • Really junky trailers and vehicles parked willy nilly every where
  • People are just there to work and go to school; not much in to socializing or being friendly
  • No dog facilities
  • No stores or conveniences within walking distance

Laundry building

3 thoughts on “Johnson Bayou RV Park

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  1. The “real” Louisiana and any state is off the beaten path. If you do what you are talking about, you are going to just see tourists and not the actual thing. You are going to find those stickers all throughout the south. I know exactly what they are and they seem to climb up your pants leg!


  2. I should have warned you about the oil field workers. There are a lot of parks where they stay because often they have to move around. They are good people. They are hard workers. It is the same in southern New Mexico. Please do not judge Louisiana. Granted, there are some terrible RV parks that do not fit the oilfield worker bill, but if you are in one, they are not bad people, just hard workers. I don’t like the looks of that laundry, regardless. It does not look safe.


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