I retired in May 2018 and traveled full time in a motorhome until September 2020 with my two dogs and my cat. I’ve had more jobs and adventures in my 60+ years than I can even begin to start writing about here. Suffice it to say, if you follow any of the three blogs I write, you will learn tidbits here and there as I get ideas for essays.

I have had numerous jobs over the years but some highlights are:

  • Technical editor; newsletter editor; word processing for scientific journal articles
  • Office manager; accounts and bookkeeping; sales manager
  • Kennel attendant; dog obedience instructor; pet sitter; groomer
  • Traveling photographer
  • Special Education teacher

I have numerous hobbies which include:

  • Pets, including exotic, since the 1960s
  • Crocheting, sewing, and other crafts
  • Writing
  • Photography

Who knows what the future holds!

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