Percha Dam State Park, Arrey, New Mexico

This lesser known (and less crowded) state park is just south of the more popular Caballo Lake and Elephant Butte state parks. Although I haven’t been to the other two I think they are booked more so harder to get reservations. Just from looking at pictures, it seems like Percha Dam has more trees and shade too so why is it almost empty in June? The main reason, other than that people don’t know it’s here, is that there is no dump station.

Obviously not a deal breaker for the 6 or so other RVs that are here. There is one sewer spot (being used at this time) and the rest are electric and water only or primitive tent camping. Just a few miles up the road is Caballo Lake State Park with a dump station. I’m not sure if there is a fee or not. I have an annual state park pass so I’m guessing I wouldn’t have to pay if I choose to go there.

There are 2 large motor homes across from me that look like they might have been here for awhile. Not sure what they do about their grey and black tanks. For those that are staying awhile and don’t want to fill up their tanks, there is a brick shower house and restrooms near the front of this small campground that is open all the time.

There is a house nearby that seems to be the residence for the park ranger and I have seen several small white ranger trucks driving through. The park is situated along the Rio Grande River and, in addition to the campground, features a day use area with picnic tables along the River. The park is in a riparian wooded environment but is surrounded by agricultural farmland, which is served by the small dam the park is named after.

All the electrical sites are pull thru. My site (#21) seemed to have shade for a longer time through the day than many of the other sites. Even though there are full sized trees here, it gets brutally hot in the afternoons with little shade unless you are walking down by the river or under one of the shaded picnic table shelters. I did notice that there is a breeze throughout the day though here but not sure if that is a June thing or all summer.

If you don’t need a lot of amenities and enjoy peace and quiet, bird watching, and meditative walks along the river bank, then this would definitely be a park to consider.

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  1. We lived in Las Cruces for 10 years, and bought an RV in 2013. Ft Selden was our first trip and Percha was our second – we love it. We dumped at that site #1 when no one was in it, the host told us we could be fined but should use Caballo dump station as you mention. Thank you for the memories.

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