Lost Hills RV Park, Lost Hills, CA

If you are traveling south or north through California and don’t want the bone-jarring, frequent accidents, and construction stops of I-99, and elect to take I-5, I would recommend this RV Park as a quick overnight stopping place. I would not recommend it for any type of vacation or longer stay although there are a number of long term people parked here.

Lost Hills RV Park, a former KOA, is pleasant enough, clean and with attentive owners, but it’s right next to a truck stop so be prepared for noisy nights. I had full hookups and a pull thru, making my overnight stay convenient. There were also nice rows of Eucalyptus tress for shade. I didn’t check any of the amenities other than the dog park. They are currently going through a major renovation. The office was covered in plastic tarps and the owner who checked me in was sitting at a portable chair and table with a laptop.

I wasn’t able to check out any laundry or shower facilities. However, it looked like the building that was being renovated is quite large and they may even have a recreation room eventually from what I could see. I paid $47.50 for the night, about standard in California.

The dog park was next to a children’s playground, both with sparse course grass and mostly dirt but that is to be expected in this area. On the other side of the park are three small outside horse paddocks so if you are traveling with a horse trailer, you would have a place to let them out overnight.

There is also another large area of sites across from where everyone was parked and the owner told me they are getting ready to completely remodel those sites so this will eventually be quite a large RV park. If you are walking your dog and head out that way, at the end is a fenced pasture with a number of very friendly goats who would love to say hi to your dog. I assume that many of the tenants are nearby construction or road crew workers who need a place to stay but right now they only seem to be about half full in the occupied side of the park.

There are a number of motels, fast food restaurants, truck repair shops, and truck stop plazas within walking distance so it’s quite busy all night but you still get a feeling of being away from it all at the end of the road with the trees and no through roads through the RV Park. Recommended if you are on I-5 and need an overnight with easy pull-thrus. Not recommended as a place to stay for any length of time unless you have to be in the area.

Pull thru with full hook up
Former KOA
Truck stops nearby
Playground with dog park in background
Dog park
Horse paddocks

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