First Time Ever! A Motel Review

La Quinta Inn — Irving, Texas (DFW Airport)

I have never done hotel or motel reviews here although I’ve stayed in several over the years with my pets due to various circumstances when we weren’t in the motor home. I felt compelled to write this one for several reasons. The dog-friendliness was outstanding, the room accommodations were beyond the norm and the price was phenomenally low.

We were stranded near the DWF Airport overnight, having not planned to stay but to drive back to OKC the same day. I had made reservations at the closest motel that takes dogs, a Super 8, but when my son returned to the car, he said he preferred La Quinta, where he had a frequent stayer number. They were happy to accommodate us on short notice with a downstairs room and two beds. They never charge extra for the pets (Super 8 wanted $20 more and they weren’t as nice a property) and never give you dirty looks, rules, or restrictions. La Quinta is extremely dog and cat friendly every time I’ve stayed, regardless of which state.

In total we paid under $90 and had a refrigerator, microwave, desk with usb hookups, ironing board and iron, hair dryer, and two doors. There was a door to the inside courtyard and pool, where I walked my little dog after dinner, and a door to the hallway, which led to the office one direction and the back parking lot the other direction. At the back of the parking lot was an empty field with two doggie bag dispensers for walking your dog. My son’s large dog really enjoyed exploring this area and I saw a gentleman with two large retrievers walking while we were there.

There was only one downside and that is that the website advertises a free breakfast buffet with waffles and the like. Due to COVID, there were only free sack breakfasts that left a little to be desired. However, the free coffee was appreciated. The sack breakfasts consisted of a bottle of water, an apple, and two granola type bars although not real granola but those sugary treats with chocolate chips that are made to entice children.

When traveling with pets, check out La Quinta before you look anywhere else.

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