There’s a Storm Coming…

How many of you have changed your plans recently? I know I have. I blogged last month that I would be adding about 20 to 25 new RV campground reviews starting this spring through summer. Well, that’s all changed. I had a plan to drive from southeast Texas to Northern California end of March (ten new stops) and then an additional twelve new stops starting in June through September.

Spring Cancelled Plans

In the last three days, I have been making calls and emailing to cancel all of it — that’s a lot of calls! If you are a full timer rv-er, you know that we are definitely in strange times. Many folks ended up displaced as state campgrounds and facilities starting evicting and closing. I had one sleepless night of panic waiting for the office to open where I am currently. I had been scheduled to leave on March 22 and now everything was up in the air. When I called at 8:30 in the morning the next day, I actually got their very last month-long site in the whole park of over 100 sites. Whew!

Summer Cancelled Plans

So as it stands now, I will be staying put until probably the end of May. After that, I am not sure exactly what I’ll be doing. I had planned to spend the summer in cooler weather at high elevations, including a month-long stay booked in Colorado at 7,300 feet. However, now I’m thinking it might be smarter to stay in warmer climates. Many of the snowbirds will have migrated back to their northern abodes by then although I’m guessing that more will stay than usual this year.

Instead of heading west and north in 2020, I may be headed toward Florida. There won’t be any new RV Reviews until at least June 2020 as I probably won’t want to travel during Memorial weekend. Who knows what the future brings? This is the second summer I’ve had to cancel trip plans due to unforeseen circumstances (last year it was a long-term illness). Who knew a pandemic virus would disrupt our plans?

Take care all you RVers and stay safe as we see what the future holds for us.

Kitty doesn’t mind when we self-quarantine.

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