Escapees Turkey Creek RV Village, Hollister, MO

Don’t let the Hollister address dissuade you as this RV Park is really only 3 minutes away from Branson Landing and historic downtown Branson. I like the fact that it’s across the bridge and not right in town yet so convenient to all the shows, shopping, and museums. If you aren’t an Escapees member, the price is a little higher and if you are a member, it’s about $400 a month, including taxes and fees. It also seems to be less crowded and with larger site areas than the other nearby RV Parks.

I’m here during the summer and fall months (3rd week in July to 3rd week in October) and it has been about 1/2 to 2/3 full while I’m here. There are about 60 spots, with about 11 of those being pull-thru. They can accommodate a few large rigs but not too many. This is a small park with only a few amenities but there are some reasons why I really like it. There are plenty of mature trees and there is a creek (Turkey Creek) that runs through the campground. Not only do the dogs really enjoy being here and walking around but we’ve seen quite a bit of wildlife.

Our campsite at Turkey Creek Village.

Amenities include laundry room, shower/bathroom, clubhouse, and dog park. There is no swimming pool and the office doesn’t have a store. The staff are very hospitable and if you would like to stay for awhile, they are always looking for volunteers for various campground chores. It’s a very dog friendly place with lots of walking areas and a cleanup baggie dispenser in the dog park. I’ve met a number of campers with multiple dogs, including one retired couple who checked in with 6 little dogs.

The creek. Staff let you know if there is a danger of flooding so you can move.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts this summer, Branson has about a million things to do and there is no shortage of dog-friendly activities here. The weather is very dog-friendly too. It never seems to get too hot and really hot days seem to be followed by overcast or drizzly days. It’s really great to get a break from hot weather, something I wasn’t experiencing in my two months in Oklahoma.

There are dozens of places to eat but I try to avoid crowds most of the time and if you head south instead of north, you will find a few nice restaurants/diners in the historic part of Hollister, just a few minutes away from the campground. There is Hook & Ladder Pizza, Ye Olde English Inn & Dining, La Hacienda, and Japanese Kitchen. I’ve eaten at Japanese Kitchen twice and plan to try the others while I’m here.

There is a small city park just across the little bridge to the south that is enjoyable for walking the dogs. It has some benches and picnic tables and it seems most of the users are there to fish. You can get a great view of the marina and Branson Landing from this peninsula park.

Articles on things to do in Branson. More will be posted in the coming two months.

Hulland Park, almost close enough to walk from Escapees RV Park if your dogs are energetic.
View from Hulland Park. The sign says “City Park” off of Railroad Ave.
Branson Landing outdoor shopping and entertainment.
Scenic overlook on the way to Table Rock state park.
Branson Belle showboat on Table Rock lake.

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