Things to Come

They always say to post often on blogs so your readers don’t get bored or leave.  This is a travel blog and I won’t be traveling for awhile so I thought I would write about future plans so at least you know what to expect in months to come.  My way of traveling will be changing and has actually started already.  I spent my first year trying to see as much as I could and made it through 13 states during that time.  Now, my goal is to stay parked for awhile and concentrate on other things, like my creative writing, RV maintenance, and medical as needs arise.  But, for those of you who know me, you know I have trouble staying in one place very long.

A big THANK YOU to readers and subscribers who have supported me this past year and I hope you don’t forget about me as I slow down a bit.  I’ll still be posting occasionally, just not as often, so I hope you stick with me.  So these are my future plans:

  • Stay in OKC until the end of August.  During this time, in addition to focusing on my essay writing, I’ll be touring museums and sites and will post a blog or two about those sometime during the summer
  • Two months in Branson, MO this fall.  Looking forward to shows and sites and will definitely be writing about those, in addition to reviewing the park I’ll be at.
  • Two months in Galveston this winter.  I’ll be staying at a different park from last time so look for that review as well.
  • Back to Texas for awhile.  During this time, I will be getting my domicile changed from California to Texas so I’ll write about that process for anyone who’s interested in how that works.  That should be sometime in January, 2020.

For anyone who’s new to the RV world or who is just thinking about a lifestyle change, you might find some useful and interesting stories and tips in a little booklet I published on Amazon Kindle.  It’s free if you have a Kindle Unlimited membership.  If not, you can download it for only $.99 at Etsy.  I appreciate feedback, corrections, comments, and suggestions any time.


Full Time RVing with Pets: Know before you go

by Amazon  Digital Services  LLC

$.99 on Etsy as a digital download

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