Horizon Sands RV Park, Altus, OK

This park caters mainly to contractors and extended stays but they were able to accommodate me for three days and I saw one or two other trailers pulling in and out while I was there.  The owner was very friendly but she is retiring May 15th and the new owners are a group that own multiple parks so the atmosphere may change.    It is only 5 miles from Altus Air Force Base.

There are four or five sites that are fenced in (they re-attach the front of the fence after you park) with small gates which is really perfect if you have dogs.  The retiring owner told me she is hoping to find a 5th wheel that she can park in one of the fenced in sites and stay.  Although no dog park or poop bag stations, they are dog-friendly with plenty of walking opportunities.  In my few stays in Oklahoma, I’ve found that there are many empty fields everywhere, even in the towns and cities.

This RV Park is on a quiet street with two story apartment buildings across the way.  There is lots of open space and I could hear a frog pond somewhere nearby.  There are no amenities to speak of as most people staying would have a vehicle and can do shopping and laundry while out.  I was charged $35 a night for full hookups in the fenced in site.  I believe the monthly rate is $350 but of course, with new owners, that may change.

Within walking distance (less than .4 miles) are several restaurants and a city park.  Two of the restaurants are chain pizza places but one of the places was a real original.  Believe it or not, it’s called “Donuts & Fried Rice.”  Interesting combination. The times I walked past on my way to the park, they were quite busy.  Their hours are 4:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  I stopped by on a Sunday about noon and unfortunately, I was too late for donuts as they were already sold out.  I did order several really good koolachs and a dish of fried rice to go.  The fried rice is tasty but nothing special.  The  koolachs were good, even microwaved later.  They consisted of a spicy sausage in a pastry, similar to a croissant.

Altus seems like a nice small town and appears very clean and crime-free.  It is only 35 miles from Great Plains State Park and Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.


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