Desert Springs RV Park, Daggett, CA

Don’t be worried if you can’t reach the office by phone because they don’t open till 1:00 p.m.! I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t able to make reservations and finally gave up. As a last resort I called the afternoon before I had to move on and finally got someone and was able to reserve. It’s $30 a night, FHU, or $130 a week. Not a bad deal.

I like the setup of this RV Park against a hillside with staggered sites, all level and nice spaces between each site. My site (#51) also had large Oleander bushes on both sides so I felt very private. The spot to the left of me had a broken shore power box but there was still a guest checked in there every night and then leaving early in the morning. They are so popular that people were willing to take a dry camping spot for a quick overnight.

I believe most of the residents here are more extended stay with people who work in the area. There is also a marine base across the street and I was able to hear Reveille at 8:00 a.m. and Taps at 10:00 p.m. Although some of the rigs were dated, one was even obviously home-made, the park is very clean and well kept throughout. Some of the residents had dune buggies parked next to their rigs as this is a popular area for that.

Amenities include a fishing/duck pond (very relaxing with benches and a waterfall), a bar/grill on site, 24-hour laundry room, on-site store and office, swimming pool, and codes for the bathrooms/showers. The office is only open 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. I also saw Fedex and UPS drivers delivery packages while there and residents can pick up their mail in the office. I was there in March but there were people using the pool, which I assume is open year-round.

Plenty of wide open spaces to walk the dogs but in and around the rv park, there is asphalt gravel everywhere which is a little hard on their feet. They managed though. We enjoyed walking down to the duck pond every morning and visiting. There are about 6 mallards, 1 duck that looked mixed — mallard with a lot of white — and one lone wood duck who didn’t seem to mind being the oddball. He was very beautiful.

Just about 1 mile down the road is a crossroads with fast food restaurants, a hotel, a diner, and gas stations. This is probably an ideal place for an RV Park because it’s just a few miles one direction to I-15 (to Las Vegas) and a few miles the other direction to I-40 (to Needles). Right in the middle.

It’s not fancy and somewhat older but well-maintained and there is staff onsite all the time. This is one place I would consider for an extended stay when I’m ready to make that commitment. Just remember it gets brutally hot in the summer and might be hard for the dogs to walk on the hot asphalt.

I did stop at the Bar/Grill for an early dinner/snack and a beer the day before leaving. You won’t be disappointed if you need to eat there more than once or even often as they have a nice variety of grill and pub food and it’s all cooked to order. I had nachos with cheese and meat and they even make their chips from scratch. Very good. Not sure if this is really code or not but they had a smoking room off the dining room and you will be exposed to the smoke if you choose to eat there. I was there on a Friday late afternoon so it was to be expected and didn’t impact me too much, although I did have to switch sides at the table I chose.

They have dog bag dispensers throughout the park but no designated dog walk area. The manager said that the dog walk area was the whole park. Be aware if you walk your dogs within the park and want a long walk, you will be going up and down hills as the park is up against the side of a large hill. This doesn’t necessarily show in the maps.

There are feral cats and kittens hanging around but also people’s pets, who, although they were wearing collars, seemed to have the run of the place. Be aware of wild coyotes who roam the area.

Bar and Grill, opens at 10:00 a.m.
Feral kittens were hungry

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