Sugar Barge RV Resort, Bethel Island, CA

I knew that Sugar Barge was a popular spot for RV rallies, always filling up, so I thought I would try it. Monthly fees are the most economical so I paid for one month –$800, includes everything. After 21 days, you are saving money even if you leave prior to one month being up. We were there in the winter months (Feb/March) which has a few advantages but not the weather.

Our weather was mostly rainy and grey but the skies did get blue a couple afternoons. It can also get quite windy. When we were there, fewer daily boaters and only got busy in the sites on the weekends. Lots of migratory birds — I can’t believe the huge flocks of Sandhill Cranes every day flying over. Those are my favorite.

{Youtube video with the sound of Sandhill Cranes flying overhead}

Sugar Barge calls itself a Resort but caters to the fishing/boating crowd and isn’t terribly fancy. I never did eat in the Restaurant/Bar that’s at the Marina and the website pictures make it look respectable, not too fancy but not a dive either. They recently upgraded and are probably trying to cater to a higher end clientele in the area. The restaurant is open on Fri-Sat-Sun year round for lunch and dinner only. Other amenities include a small park store, nice laundry room, and bath houses throughout, but I didn’t check those out.

It seems most of the RVs in the outside circle are long-term and vacation residences. I didn’t see a lot of people and the RVs looked like they’d been parked a long time. The inner spots see a lot of turn-over on the weekends. Other amenities include propane, long-term storage, a boat launch service, and boat/trailer parking at the marina.

There were plenty of places to walk the dogs and once you are outside the RV Park fence, the dogs can actually be off leash. I found two places where I felt comfortable letting the dogs romp off leash without fear of cars or people being a distraction. There is a large grassy slope between the boat trailer parking lot and the restaurant and then there is a picnic area just to the east of the restaurant. They offer doggie clean up bags throughout the park and even on the outside perimeter of the park in some of the more popular walking areas.

The staff was extremely accommodating to me as I made some requests, which I don’t normally do, and they were happy to oblige. When I first checked in, they gave me spot #24 but I didn’t like it and it was very close to one of the bath houses. I asked if they had anything else. They were able to give me #30 but told me it wouldn’t be available all month and I said that was ok because I had to leave at some point for groceries any way. Then, after shopping (on day 21), I came back to spot #60. There was no problem with this spot with the exception of the neighbor with a very noisy dog. I inquired and the office staff person printed out their entire map showing all available places for me. I said I would just take the next one over, no problem. Every person I dealt with all month was very pleasant and service-oriented.

Spots #5 through #35 are against a fence with an empty field behind so that is quite nice. And all spots are fairly large with enough room to park a car next to your RV. Reservations are recommended as this RV Park is only a short drive to very populated areas — the East Bay and Stockton, CA. All except the tent sites have full hook-up.

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