Thoughts on Migratory Birds

So I’ve got one place booked for a month and won’t publish my report till after we leave and decided I needed an “in-between” blog post so no one gets bored. I booked Sugar Barge RV Resort in the Sacramento Delta for 30 days and that’s where we are now.

After spending a week at Moss Landing and taking the eco-friendly nature tour and now spending 4 weeks in the Delta practically right on the levee, I have seen hundreds of waterfowl and migratory birds this winter. I used to be a birder back in the day when I had a big camera and no dogs. I even dated an environmental attorney who took me on a birding trip to Florida and the keys. That was really something. Of course, when I sold the house, all my books went too but now-a-days, one can pull up any app on the phone while out.

Everyone has their favorites and I seem to gravitate towards the ducks and waterfowl. Of course, nothing can match the splendor of seeing a hawk or eagle flying overhead but I really enjoy seeing the families of ducks chatting to each other in the water or catching a magnificent “V” of geese flying overhead. And you really can’t beat the sound of Sandhill cranes flying overhead — that really gives me goose bumps.

Yesterday morning, as I was walking the dogs on our 7:00 a.m. walk, we heard a sea lion nearby. I didn’t walk up to the levee to take a look but we heard him for quite awhile. This is quite a ways up the delta so I thought that was funny but I’m told it’s not that unusual.

I saw three large white birds flying the other day and they didn’t look like geese. I’m thinking swans but I wasn’t able to get a good look for long enough to be sure. I’ve seen Canadian geese, lots of ducks, herons, egrets, and numerous small song birds. My plan, while I’m walking the dogs, is to pay attention to at least one unidentified bird and then come back to look online and try to identify it.

This article says that about 10 million birds pass through this area between November and February every year. Quite a site.

Here are some pictures of the levee and the boat launch area where I walk the dogs every day.

I don’t have the equipment to properly photograph birds anymore but here are some pictures from Elkhorn Slough in the Monterey Bay that I took with my cell phone.

Brown pelicans in flight

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  1. love your report. Reminds me: when I did a contract in Great Bend, Kansas…. which just happens to have a couple of wildlife refuges on the central flyway. I was there in late autumn and got to see the GREAT migration of ducks, geese, : they came in waves ….. wave after wave…after wave ….BUT: I got to see my first “up close” of whooping cranes. 5 flew directly over me …… stunning!!

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