San Benito Thousand Trails, Paicines, CA

This Thousand Trails has a lot of positive things going for it if you love nature and have dogs. However, I would use the word “resort” loosely as the infrastructure is very dated. Just like most of the Thousand Trail resorts that I’ve been to, very little, if any, money is put back in to upkeep. The roads are full of potholes and the amenities are very primitive.

This is a huge property. I think there are about 600 RV sites but one section was closed off (not sure for the winter or permanently). Each site has plenty of space on both sides. After checking out the campground map, I thought I would try for a creekside back in site and there were plenty to choose from. However, I had no idea how large the property was and ended up being a very very long walk to the dog park and the laundry. Next time I will know to park closer. I liked our spot though and didn’t want to move after we got set up.

The store is open most of the time but the cafe is only open sporadically. And the Saturday I went to check it out, it wasn’t open even though that was supposed to be an “open” day. My Verizon worked fine while I was there for streaming movies, etc. but my neighbors had no reception with their AT&T service. This is really out in the boonies so be prepared.

Probably one of the best things about TT San Benito is the wildlife. Throughout the campground are quail, deer, wild boar, and bobcats. One day, on the way back from the laundry, I got to see a bobcat kitten from a distance who was sunning himself. The staff person who was also watching told me that the mother had 5 or 6 kittens in the last litter. The dogs were fairly well behaved around the deer and the quail but I did have to hold their leashes tightly a few times as they wanted to go bounding after the wildlife on our walks.

I encountered polite helpful staff and the laundry room was adequate. There is a nature trail that follows the creek on the opposite side of the RV sites and we walked that one day. I was hoping there was a bridge at the end so we wouldn’t have to turn around and walk back. There was a bridge but it was collapsed. We still managed to climb across without getting wet. I’m not sure how much longer some of the things like the nature trail will still be there if there’s no upkeep.

This is one of the places I would seriously consider an annual site if I was going to purchase one. The staff person at the gate told me that it was about $3500 a year and you can be at the site for 7 months out of the year. I did see a number of annual site rigs that were not being used this time of year. Closest larger town is Hollister, which is about 18 miles away.

If you and your dogs like nature and long walks then this is a place you should try out.

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  1. We have been there a few times. The first time was back in 2017 and the last time in mid 2020. It appeared that they have not put a single dime into that place in the several years we had been there. The Mini golf was torn up, both pools were green with algae and club house was closed, the roads had tons of potholes, the sites were full of foxtail’s and thorns the restaurant and store was open sporadically as well. It sounds like it’s still the same.


  2. Great detailed review. I hope you’re still blogging and traveling. If you’re on FB, join us at Thousand Trails Reviews Likes/Dislikes.

    Hope to hear more!


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