On the Road Again

After 6 weeks parked in one spot to visit family and friends for the holidays, I’m back on the road. We (when I say “we” that refers to me and the dogs and cat) left Sacramento the day after New Year’s Day and drove 3 hours to Visalia. We stayed again at the Visalia KOA which I’ve already reviewed so I won’t review again.

I didn’t hook up anything but the electricity and it’s a good thing too because it was freezing in the morning. First time the dogs have seen frost on the ground in I don’t know how long. They didn’t seem to mind and enjoyed the campground dog park. I had so many errands on Thursday morning, we didn’t even get on the road until noon. I did one load of laundry because we won’t have a laundromat for 7 days. I emptied the fresh water because I had been treating the tank with bleach and I refilled it with clean water. It was during this time I realized I left my pressure regulator valve on the water faucet in Sacramento.

We left the KOA and went over to PetSmart for a few items and then the Lowe’s next door. Got some things on my list but no pressure regulator so I googled and there was an RV supply store just down the road. Magic Touch RVs — sales, service, and parts — and very customer friendly.

I still had one more stop for groceries but decided to do that in Barstow. We stopped for gas and Taco Bell and later the groceries. Arrived at the campground at 5:15 and it was already dark. Could not find the campground host and there are no lights at all. This is the middle of the desert and very dark. Finally found my spot and it would have been impossible to get in to so I took another spot. I’ll have to sort it out in the morning and hopefully, I can keep the spot I’m in.

Made a quick dinner of potato chips and microwaved hot dogs without the buns. Then I went to take a shower and after standing in there for a couple minutes, realized I hadn’t turned on the water heater. So I put on my robe and went and made some hot chocolate with Bailey’s.

Showered now, dogs are tucked in, and tomorrow is another day. Once I establish my site number, I will level the motorhome, hook up the water and the sewer, take out the lounge chairs, and the patio rug.

Review on Calico Ghost Town at the end of this week.

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