Medieval Times Dinner Show, Myrtle Beach, SC

I went to Medieval Times dinner show on October 28 and the castle was decorated for Halloween so that was fun. I’ve never been to Medieval Times before and have been wanting to go for a number of years. They have dinner theaters in 10 locations throughout the U.S. and with one in Canada. As a tourist attraction, it is somewhat pricey but a much better bargain for what you get that many of the other types of attractions you could spend money on in a resort town. I used a discount coupon and paid $50 total with tax. It was a two hour show with a full dinner, drink, and dessert.

Before the show, guests are encouraged to tour the castle and buy things, including alcoholic drinks like “Dragon’s Breath,” (rum and mango). Then the doors to the arena open and guests are seated at the tables that were assigned when arriving. They have 3 different price tiers and I paid for the lowest one but I was still in the front row while others were behind me. I’m thinking that maybe if you buy your tickets ahead of time online, you get more priority for front row but that’s just a guess.

Each section has their own waitperson so service was good throughout. Just like in the movie, “The Cable Guy,” the waitress actually said to us, “There are no utensils because it’s the 11th century. Would you like regular Pepsi or Diet Pepsi?” I just about died trying not to laugh. The meal is served in real pewter dinnerware. Soup and garlic bread are served before the show starts. Then, about 30 minutes into the show, the rest of the meal is served — half a roast chicken, half a roast potato, 1/2 a corn on the cob. Dessert was a slice of pound cake that was quite good and moist. I actually ate my whole chicken (but left the potato and corn) because it was so good. It was so moist and tender I was able to tear bite size pieces off with my fingers so I didn’t have to pull a Henry the VIII with greasy fingers and a greasy face full of chicken bones.

This was after I had been eating, it doesn’t get served like this of course.

The show was very entertaining and I wished I had done this when my son was young. He would have loved it so much. The jousting and games did come later but there were dancing horses and falconry as well. I actually enjoyed the pageantry and the dancing horses more than the actual fighting games. It was a little hard to understand the queen and the other speakers due to distorted mikes and fast talking but that didn’t stop my enjoyment of the show.


  • Good bang for the buck as far as tourist attractions
  • Exciting for kids and adults alike
  • Comfortable seating with good views
  • Attentive wait people
  • Food was surprisingly better than I expected
  • Fast paced show with lots of beautiful animals
  • Unlimited soft drinks


  • Hard to understand the speeches in the castle and the arena, at least for me
  • The sword play and fighting was a little too rehearsed; with knights jumping off horses and then rolling, and slow motion battles on the ground
  • Lots of selling going on; however, I talked myself in to buying a $20 photo blowup of myself with the queen, taken upon entering the venue

Video Clips and photos on YouTube

Click on link for videos of the tournament. NOTE: When the videos start after the slides, the music is quite loud.

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