Carolina Opry — Time Warp, Myrtle Beach, SC

I got tickets for a show called “Time Warp” on the last day of performance for the season at the Carolina Opry. What attracted me to this particular show was the description — music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. They lived up to their advertising with a show full of songs that I knew and only two that I had never heard before. There was a short ten minute comedy routine partway through the show which was fun and all the rest was music with lots of costume changes and pyrotechnics.


  • Strong professional voices, some guest stars from shows like “The Voice”
  • Exciting staging and lots of costumes
  • Songs that everyone could sing to
  • Flash photography was fine but no videotaping
  • Lots of parking and easy venue to get to, at the intersection of two major highways in Myrtle Beach


  • Obviously not Broadway stars but I felt I got my money’s worth
  • Some of the vocals, especially from the female singers, were way too loud and a little distorted
  • The dancers were not at the same caliber as the singers and seemed a little amateurish
  • I didn’t care for people bringing in wine and drinking next to me (don’t like the smell) and the audience members who came in feeling no pain were talkative during the show
“I’m a Believer” the Monkees
Fun comedy routine with imitations of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and more.
The ladies of rock, following individual songs by the Bangles, Joan Jett, and Hart
Brad Long has a better voice than Robert Plant or Roger Daltry. He did the rock songs.
Delvin Choice, a winner from The Voice, did songs by Marvin Gaye, Prince, and Jimi Hendrix
Another rock and roll song with a really good guitarist
One of my favorites, White Rabbit by Grace Slick
After intermission, the remainder of the show was a tribute to Woodstock
Another great Woodstock protest ballad
Jimi Hendrix Experience with the Time Warp dancers

A Joe Cocker tune
Finale — Sly and the Family Stone, We Are Family

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