Statesville/I-77 KOA, Statesville, NC

I just picked a spot on the map and made a reservation but camping here is like camping in a city park. It’s o.k. and clean but you can hear highway traffic night and day, the infrastructure is very dated, and the RVs are sandwiched in like sardines. All spots are pull thru and set up in rows. There is one whole row for camping and one row of spots with water/electric but no sewer. Then, there are a couple rows of full hookup sites.

A few things would make this a much better KOA, in my opinion.

  • I don’t understand why the only bathrooms/showers are in the main building out by the front entrance. This KOA has a lot more cabins and campsites than many I’ve been to but a person would have to really hike to get to the one and only bathroom. There is a game room building that would make more sense for a bathroom/shower building that is a tad closer to the campers and cabins.
  • Although there are vast fields that are mowed, there are no hiking trails, even though the campground is surrounded by woods, except on the highway side. Missed opportunity in my opinion.
  • I only saw one “patio” site in the whole park. Would be nice to have a couple spots with more space and set away from the sardines, for those who are willing to pay more.

Other than traffic noise and no walking trails, my dogs didn’t mind being here. There is a large dog park but it’s way down a hill and if you don’t like walking on wet grass, you are sol. There are plenty of dog waste cans throughout but they don’t offer bags, other than in the dog park.

I thought we might take a day and go out to do stuff but it turns out, there isn’t much to do here. Unless you want to drive to Asheville, Charlotte, or Raleigh. There is a small store that seems to be stocked with the essentials, including RV parts. And I was told there are a few pizza restaurants that will deliver but the one I tried was out of thin crust so I didn’t order. The laundry room is in the office building. Although one machine was broken, I had no trouble doing 3 or 4 loads while I was there.


  • Efficient, garbage pick up, attentive staff
  • Mowed and manicured
  • Dog waste stations and a large dog park with a smaller dog park attached
  • Store, laundry, supplies available
  • Lots of roads throughout for walking dogs but a little hard for driving with lots of potholes


  • Highway noise all night
  • No larger spaces available (only one patio site)
  • Only one bathroom/shower building at the front entrance
  • No walking/hiking trails
Dog park — a bit of a walk from the camping sites

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