Meridian East KOA, Toomsuba, MS

I feel lucky that I found this place because I almost checked in somewhere else, but it was so awful, I started checking around and discovered a KOA just 15 minutes away.  I liked it so much, I extended my 6 day stay by 3 more days.

They have the Presidents Award and are trying for the Founders Award so, needless to say, are very accommodating and customer service oriented.  But I get the feeling they would be that way even without an award.  There are owner- operators on site and at least one full time employee  I chatted with a couple times a day who just seemed to be in a great mood all the time and loved his job.


  • Spacious sites; about half for big rigs and half in the woods
  • Attentive employees; onsite garbage pick up throughout the day; escort to site
  • Mowed and kept neat; new gravel was being put in when I checked in
  • Store; quarter rolls available; 24 hour laundry room
  • Dog friendly with dog park and dog waste stations
  • Walking opportunities, including an unused fire road through the woods
  • Good drainage — we had some weather while I was there


  • Some industry nearby that is a little noisy (car demolishing?) and I saw junk yard dogs running up and down the street unattended
  • Not a lot of food in the store but enough in the way of supplies or emergency camping needs
  • No food delivery out here 😦

New dog park feature

Playground next to the 24 hr laundry room
Rental cabins
Doesn’t stay like this very long. It filled up every night of the 8 nights I was here.
Room for the big guys and towables too
On the end, perfect for the dogs
550’ water slide!

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