A Compilation of FB posts I’ve made since being in Louisiana

Well, instead of writing a little editorial and repeating a lot of stuff I’ve already posted elsewhere, thought I would make a compilation of my Facebook posts. So, here you go.

I entered Louisiana on August 22, 2018 coming from Galveston Island.

First stop was along the Gulf Coast Highway at a little RV park called “Johnson Bayou.” See review here.

I had a little bit of trouble getting conversation out of some of the locals. Oh well.

Lots of cool shipping lane bridges. Of course, I can’t take pictures while I’m driving so this was the only one I got.

Yes, there is an Iowa, Louisiana.

This was fun. However, not sure I would want to swim in a pool where the grownups get to sit in the water at the bar all day getting drunk. What if they don’t want to lose their seat to go to the restroom? :O

Was excited that I could get food delivery from local Breaux Bridge restaurants. However, don’t eat at Chicken on the Bayou. I had to throw the catfish away and I had to re-cook the pork boudin balls. Everything was kind of burnt on the outside and barely cooked on the inside. The catfish had a really off taste. Although I ate all of the cajun cake, it was a little stale. Friends commented that the spelling for “pickles” changes either when you enter Louisiana or when they get fried. We weren’t sure.

Do eat at Fast Track Cafe! The catfish bites were so awesome, fresh and tender. Just the right amount of spice in the corn meal coating. I would have placed a second order if I had room for more. And the tartar sauce was extraordinary.

See slide show here.

Do love my Zydeco music. My bird loves it too.

On our way to Mississippi, we stopped in St. Francisville, LA where all the plantations are. I had heard that Rosedown Plantation allowed dogs on the grounds so that’s where we went. It was really magical. Click on picture for slideshow.

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