Cajun Palms RV Resort, Breaux Bridge, LA

This is a resort in every sense of the word.  Reminds me of Club Med. There are wonderful amenities for the kids–pool with fun fountains, video arcade, miniature golf, playground– but I get the distinct impression it’s the grownups who want to come and play.   Adult entertainment includes a swim up bar, adults only jacuzzi, casino, and 5, count them, 5 different places to buy alcohol. Live music on stage on the weekends amongst other scheduled entertainment as well.

Swim up bar

I could tell it was a party place when I checked in and stapled to the front of the map was a big warning about music and golf carts.  And even with that big warning, I spotted (heard) 3 violations in one day.  However, it wasn’t awful and even though I think there were some big bbq get togethers on Saturday night, I didn’t hear much after we went in.  There are a good number of combination spots making it easier for 2 or more families to party together with shared tables and canopies.  There are a lot of cabins/cottages as well and these seemed to be popular.

I was clear on the perimeter and when I  checked in, the employee made a point of telling me my neighbors were quiet even thought I hadn’t asked. I was here over the weekend the week before labor day weekend.  On Thursday it was very sparse and didn’t get crowded until later Friday.

I don’t really love the layout of this resort and I don’t think they had dog owners in mind when planning.  No dog parks and hard to find common areas to walk the dogs.  There are 3 waste posts but they are hard to find.  I even talked to another dog walker who didn’t know where they were either.  So if you book here, there is one dog spot at the big propane tank in front, one next to the kid’s playground, and one next to the laundry/ bath house all the way in the back.

I wanted to keep my dogs off other people’s spots but in order to walk them to a common area, it was either walk on the hot pavement or walk along the edge of people’s grass.

My dogs enjoyed visiting the ducks at the duck pond but the feeder wasn’t working and the ducks were disappointed. I lost 3 nickels and finally gave up.   Personally, I saw a lot more grownups partying and drinking than I saw people walking dogs so this doesn’t seem like the place you’d go if you’re just camping for your pets.

Eat here

Breaux Bridge is the crawfish capital of the world so definitely get out there while you are here.  There are famous restaurants as well as air boat swamp tours and more.  And, if you’re like me and don’t take off all day in a car, it’s ok. There are a number of local restaurants that actually deliver to your space in the park (see Waitr app). And you can bicycle or take your golf cart next door to visit the Prehistoric Park, Fast Track amusements  and Fast Track Cafe.

Not here

I ordered food delivery from Chicken on the Bayou the first night and walked over to Fast Track Cafe on Saturday.  I would not recommend Chicken on the Bayou although maybe their chef was just having an off night because I’ve read reviews.  I had to throw away the catfish and I had to re-cook the pork boudin balls. On Saturday, I ordered catfish bites and a root beer float for an early lunch at Fast Track Cafe and I was in heaven.  So good! Wish I had eaten there more during my stay.


  • Large pull thru sites, nicely manicured
  • 2 stores with lots of supplies
  • 3 bars, including swim up bar, mini casino
  • ATM
  • Laundries and bath houses
  • 3 dog waste spots
  • Food delivery
  • Nearby attractions
  • Kids pool with slides, adult pool, adult jacuzzi


  • No large trees, hot pavement
  • No dog park
  • Lots of grownups drinking through out the day
  • Other people’s music
  • Few common areas for walking

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