Rainbow’s End, Livingston, TX

I joined Escapees this past spring because I knew I would be wanting their mail forwarding service. And then, I booked 2 weeks here at Rainbow’s End after visiting my son in Oklahoma so I could pick up mail and maybe look in to changing my domicile to Texas. While here, I met 2 other full timers that were here at the same time getting their Texas tags and changing domicile. If you are going to go full time and you are on a fixed income, you can’t beat Texas for taxes and fees.

Escapees Village is like a really cool retirement community that has lots of choices. They have 2 rv parks for short term or long term parking. They have residents who have cottages with rv storage, and they have a C.A.R.E. Center that is for residents who can park nearby but require assistance with nursing, meals, laundry, etc. They also have a clubhouse, activity center, headquarters building with mail center, and thrift store, 2 laundry buildings, and a swimming pool.

I am just starting my traveling journey but when I don’t want to travel full time anymore, this would be at the top of my list for choices of places to stay. People are very community oriented and friendly but not too friendly, if you know what I mean. You don’t feel alone but you can be alone if you choose. If you are the type that likes social activities, they have so many to choose from every week and everything is free or small donation.

For me, the best part is 2 dog parks and the community of pet owners. I meet with the same people in the dog park every evening and it’s really nice. My big dog has gotten used to the routine and knows she’s going to meet friends at the park after dinner. She gets so excited. And we are in the woods (they have 2 rv parks — new and old; I believe the old is just a tad nicer) so lots of wilderness looking areas when I’m walking the dogs in the mornings and evenings. Where I am is actually the original part of the park that the founding members started. When you make reservations, ask for this because you won’t be able to change once you pay. Don’t really understand it but they explained that they have 2 different bank accounts. I had a friend who wanted to change and wasn’t able to for the first month.

Just a short plug because this is something that is unique in the US. The C.A.R.E. Center provides nursing, transportation to doctor appts., 3 meals a day, activities in the CARE Center, outings, laundry 2x a week, and probably more and it’s $1050 a month to park plus electricity. I have never seen a senior center or nursing center so inexpensive in my life. If I ever become incapacitated in any way, I hope they will have a space for me. Can you imagine being able to keep your pets while you are receiving nursing or hospice care?

Next time I come in January, I will do some exploring in town and surrounding areas but this trip, I just stayed put. The weather was not bad either for August. Of course, it gets a lot more crowded in the winter months but there were a fair amount of people here now. We had several thunderstorms and one tornado warning. The humidity averages about 70-85% and the temperatures are in the low 90s. The only complaint I have is that it doesn’t cool off at night. Don’t bother opening your windows unless you like it muggy.

I was able to ride my electric bicycle everywhere and there are some barely used country roads connecting that make for nice bike rides or dog walks. Just stay away from Highway 146 which is the main road next to the village because people don’t slow down at all and the speed limit is about 75 mph.

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