Cajun Palms RV Resort, Breaux Bridge, LA

This is a resort in every sense of the word.  Reminds me of Club Med. There are wonderful amenities for the kids--pool with fun fountains, video arcade, miniature golf, playground-- but I get the distinct impression it's the grownups who want to come and play.   Adult entertainment includes a swim up bar, adults only jacuzzi,... Continue Reading →

Johnson Bayou RV Park

I wanted to explore the real Louisiana but after a night in Johnson Bayou, I decided from now on, I'll stick to the main highways and the expensive resorts.  All along Gulf Beach Highway (#82), there are rv park after rv park but they are not rv resorts.  The manager of the one I checked... Continue Reading →

At the Gulf

Significant title because I've been in California or Oregon for the last 40+ years. My dogs love the ocean but when we got here, what a surprise! The water is so warm, so shallow, and no shells. I hate cold water and here I was jumping right in to swim without even getting used to... Continue Reading →

Rainbow’s End, Livingston, TX

I joined Escapees this past spring because I knew I would be wanting their mail forwarding service. And then, I booked 2 weeks here at Rainbow's End after visiting my son in Oklahoma so I could pick up mail and maybe look in to changing my domicile to Texas. While here, I met 2 other... Continue Reading →

Grooming on the Outside

Some people may think it's crazy what I do, but if you manage properly, it's not bad. I have a very tiny motor home -- 22 ft inside/24 ft outside length. I travel with 6 pets, albeit 2 are very, very small (arachnids). I got the smallest motorhome because I wanted to be able to... Continue Reading →

Lake Tawakoni, Thousand Trails, TX

If you have a Thousand Trails membership, this is an ideal spot for a weekend or a month.  If you don’t, you are probably wondering what all the fuss is.  In the Thousand Trails system, the word “resort” is used loosely.  These campgrounds are a great value if you are a passport member because it... Continue Reading →

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