Elk City/Clinton KOA, OK

After spending the night in what was basically a parking lot, this was a refreshing change. KOAs can always be counted on to be comfortable and have the amenities I need. After parking, we walked over to the dog park and I was so not impressed — it was only about 8 feet wide and about 20 feet long, more like a closet than a dog park. When we returned, I checked the campground map that I had been given at check-in and realized there were 2 dog parks! The real one is much larger and very nice. The little one is actually quite smart because it’s by the playground where dogs aren’t allowed but a mom or dad could easily multi-task if necessary.

The big dog park has about 5 full grown trees, 2 benches, and lots of room to play ball. My only criticism would be no water facilities and it needed mowing, but the dogs sure didn’t care. They had fun playing in the overgrown vegetation.

This RV Park has nice pull thru spots that are quite big but the roads getting to them are a little windy. Plenty of room if you take the long way around and the campground hostess did a great job of explaining to me and drawing on the map for me. This RV Park has more grass and trees than what I’ve seen in the last two months.

There are 2 laundries, bathrooms and showers, a gift shop, and a little snack bar type restaurant. The swimming pool was very popular yesterday afternoon and everyone seemed to be having a great time. The hostess was very friendly preparing a little snack I purchased, making sure I had silverware and everything I needed. We found out that we have something in common–her husband was born and grew up near where I just sold my house. It’s always nice to make connections.


  • Large spots, grass and trees
  • Store and restaurant on site
  • Friendly staff
  • Good Sam discount
  • 2 dog parks


  • Dog park needed mowing
  • Sites aren’t very level

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