Dogs, Lakes, and Boats

They just seem to go together in the summer. Technically not summer for another couple weeks but as the weather has been hovering around 100°F, I’m going to call it. We are at Lake Minden RV Resort, about 25 miles from Sacramento, CA.

It’s a small private lake but nice and peaceful and certainly not crowded for the first week in June. That will change come father’s day and an annual fishing tournament. People bring their kayaks, canoes, and fishing poles and spend a day or a week. You can also rent canoes, etc.

We rented a paddle boat for an hour yesterday. It was very relaxing and low key. The dogs seemed to enjoy the ride and we didn’t suffer in the heat too much because we had a canopy.

I thought I might take the little boat out for a couple hours but we decided that one hour was enough this time.






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