Pet Friendly Report — Cal Expo RV Park

I spent at week at Cal Expo RV Park while visiting friends in the area. At first, I was disappointed that it was basically a parking lot. But we actually had an ok time. Rates are $275 a week (more of a discount for the whole month) getting one night free when you use the... Continue Reading →

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

I feel the number one key to successful full-timing is organization. I've had my motor home for 2 years and have been full time for about 5 weeks. Here are some of the changes/modifications I've made. I travel with various animals so some of the changes I've made might not be necessary for you. You... Continue Reading →

Vineyard RV Park, Vacaville, CA

Vacaville is on the road between San Francisco and Sacramento. It's a popular place for people wanting to tour the Napa Valley or the Bay Area without paying SF prices. This RV park has many long timers with people who work at nearby Travis AFB and other local industries. But unlike other full time parks,... Continue Reading →

Lake Minden, Thousand Trails

Lake Minden is 25 miles north east of Sacramento, CA and 20 miles south of Yuba City, CA. I have been coming here for extended weekends for 2 years but recently had a long term (14 days) stay when my house was on the market and I didn’t want to leave the area. There are... Continue Reading →

Containment and Accouterments

When you are RVing, the animals sometimes need accommodations that they wouldn't ordinarily need at home. Over the years we've had... *Belly bands -- keep male dogs from marking inside Washable but were too big so I will be getting the sewing machine out Disposable, good for short term or emergencies (like I didn't get... Continue Reading →

Dogs, Lakes, and Boats

They just seem to go together in the summer. Technically not summer for another couple weeks but as the weather has been hovering around 100°F, I'm going to call it. We are at Lake Minden RV Resort, about 25 miles from Sacramento, CA. It's a small private lake but nice and peaceful and certainly not... Continue Reading →

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