Exotic pets, anyone?

In various FB groups I’ve seen full time RVers with parrots, rabbits, chickens, and even a monkey. But what are the issues that might come up traveling with tarantulas? Of course, tarantulas do travel. You see them at the reptile expos all the time. However, I’ve had several people tell me that long term vehicle vibration hasn’t really been documented and that my traveling full time in a motor home would be an interesting experiment.

I originally thought I would be seeing a lot of places the first year, picking up and moving every couple days. But I found a few places I really wanted to enjoy so I will be spending the months of October, November, and December at just 3 different places for 30 days each. In the meantime though, there will be a lot of driving around.

The details:

I had 8 tarantulas and realized that wasn’t practical for several reasons — there isn’t enough room in the motor home and many of them had touchy personalities. The Nhandu chromatus would run and hide every time I walked by, no way could he handle the constant vibrations of the motor home. I made the tough decision to only keep my 2 most chill, “easiest” ones, both juveniles, the albo and the porteri (Brachypelma albopilosum and Grammostola porteri). I was very grateful that the remaining 5 found awesome homes (thank you Amy, Kevin, and Rene).

The setup:

Lucky for me, they fit perfectly on top of the parrot cage. I bought some foam for protection when we’re driving but when I’m parked, they just sit on top, where I can easily observe them and check on well-being.

It’s summer time so nice warm weather right now. I’m not too worried about winter because I obviously won’t be traveling anywhere where it snows. I sometimes run the AC for a few but usually prefer fans. In the past 2 weeks, they have not seemed to be adversely affected by any climate changes.e


My male porteri has never tunneled or played in his dirt (I’ve had him for 8 months) and this morning, I noticed some re-arranging so that’s a new behavior. He moved some dirt and buried one of his flowers. But he’s not using the tunnel he built, he’s still using his hide. It was quite warm last night. Sacramento usually gets cool delta breezes during the night and it didn’t cool down last night, which means I didn’t use the heater. That’s the only change I can think of other than he came out yesterday on my hand for a few minutes after not being handled for 7 days.

So, I’m not a scientist but will be documenting my observations as we begin our travels. Tonight is our first night at an RV Resort away from the house. Do I declare all my animals when making reservations? Are you nuts!

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