Animals adjusting

We are no longer going into the house, however I’m still unlocking the back gate to let the dogs in the back yard for restroom breaks. Soon, that will end also.

So some personal notes that might or might not be helpful to someone else along the way:

  • Our change was gradual as the motor home has been in the driveway since May first. The dogs and cat still had the use of the back yard and house the first 2 weeks.
  • Dogs and cat were in back yard all day and just sleeping in MH up until a few days ago.
  • The cat has adjusted extremely well. Much better than expected. They were in the back yard for 2 hours yesterday evening while I did some final cleaning. Brought dogs and cleaning stuff to MH. Went back to find kitty and he was sitting at the gate waiting for me. He didn’t want to be left behind.💓
  • Parrot is still at friend’s until next Friday but she’s been camping before, up to 5 days at a time. The only issues I can foresee is that she will be noisy at the RV resorts. But she’s a Congo African Grey and they are way less noisy than the cockatoos. So should be ok.
  • If you are full time with senior dogs, this might also be a concern for you… both dogs are a little incontinent. The 9 year old male, Dover, just seems to leak for no reason. He’s been wearing belly bands in the MH for 2 years and he has no problem with that.
  • The aussie mix, 11, has a bad vertebrae. I’ve been putting girlie dog diapers on her every night and there’s always a few yellow spots inside in the morning but she’s been doing ok with this routine. She has soaked the bed 2x in the past year so I don’t want to take any chances.
  • Odors are really magnified in a tiny MH. Going on short trips is way different than full time. I took the kitty box out yesterday evening, emptied it and bleached. Today everything is much fresher. I would recommend a strong slow release freshener in a can, and use the lightweight litter.
  • Finally, the tarantulas are thriving. I only kept the 2 that have a reputation for being hardy and easy. Vibrations and climate don’t seem to affect them in the least. I turn the heater on in the morning for a little while just to take the chill off. But yesterday I had the overhead fan on and the door open and they stayed out and relaxed.

Tomorrow we hit the road.



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