Finally full time

I’ve been living in the motor home in the driveway for a couple weeks but still using the shower, etc. in the house. Yesterday was officially my last shower in the house. The house is now sealed off getting ready for painting.

This is the first memorial weekend in many, many years that I’m not camping. Gonna spend the weekend in the driveway sorting and re packing. I’ve gotta pull out all the stuff in the cargo bay and in the overhead and do a better job of sorting and organizing.

Then on Monday, I will be driving to the RV resort. So it begins. I actually have to go to work one more time next Friday to check out and turn stuff in. It will give me one more chance to say good bye to everyone.

A huge load off my mind is that I found good homes for all 5 tarantulas with established tarantula keepers. I was really worried about not finding homes and it worked out better than I could have imagined. One went to an acquaintance who had been keeping Ts for many, many years. One went to a breeder program in SF and 3 went to an experienced hobbiest who wants to reestablish his collection after moving.

So, as far as I can tell, as is well. However, I keep having this feeling that I’ve forgotten something. I’ve never had a house to sell before, I’ve never moved without having a forwarding residence, and I’ve never been on the road full time. I guess I will live and learn. And I’ll report what I learn as I travel so you can learn too.

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